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Terms and Conditions

The document in front of you is the legal and enforceable contract between the user of the site (“User” or “Buyer”) and Flush Tank Iran website. Flush Tank Iran operates according to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, including the Law on Electronic Commerce and the Law on Protection of Consumer Rights. If the user intends to become a member and use the services of the Flushtankiran system, it is necessary to read the text of the rules and regulations (“contract”) completely and then proceed to use the website or join it or buy from it. to do

Using the Flushtankiran system, becoming a member, entering the website, and using other services provided, including purchasing from the site, means being aware of the contract and accepting its terms and conditions. The user also accepts that the relationship between Flush Tank Iran and him/her will be regulated by this contract and any financial and non-financial transactions between the parties will be covered by this contract. Therefore, if the user does not agree to any of the contents of this contract or its entirety, he/she does not have the right to use the services of Flush Tank Iran. Based on Article 5 of the Electronic Commerce Law and Article 10 of the Civil Law, this agreement will be the only acceptable authority in the relations between Flush Tank Iran and its users.

Due to the importance of this document and also to facilitate the study for the user, the provisions of each article have been provided for you in sorted sections. It should be noted that the conditions and rules contained in this contract replace all previous agreements between the user and Flush Tank Iran.

Article 1: definitions

1-1: Flushtankiran Website: Flushtankiran website with the domain address Flushtankiran.com through which the user will purchase products. All website purchases are made through this domain, and after-sales services and support will include customers who use this address for their purchases.

1-2: Customer (user): A person or company who makes a purchase on the Flushtankiran website and pays for the product or service.

1-3: Products: Including all the products and digital files available on the Flushtankiran website to the Flushtankiran.com domain, which are purchased online or by phone by the customer.

1-4: License: The license to use the products, which is provided to the user by the user’s purchase from the website, will allow the user to use the purchased product.

1-5: Laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran: Laws and regulations that have been approved by the Islamic Council or other legal institutions and entered into force. including the e-commerce law and the consumer protection law.

1-6: Support: The Flushtankiran support department will answer users’ questions and problems through the site’s online chat section. This department will respond to customers on Saturdays to Wednesdays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (on non-holiday working days). The delivery of the purchased goods is also done in the same period.

Article 2: Subject of site activity

2-1: The Flushtankiran website is active in introducing and selling Flushtankiran products and making money from the Internet and online marketing and is subject to the laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Article 3: User account and privacy

3-1: Membership in the Flush Tank Iran website is completely free, and registering on the website or using any of the website’s services requires a complete reading of the rules and regulations of this page.

3-2: Each person will register on the Flushtankiran website using his/her personal information and identity. Flushtankiran will not be responsible for providing wrong information during registration.

3-3: If a person registers on the site with fake information, he/she can request to modify the user profile by providing identification documents and card information with which the payment was made.

3-4: All users’ information will be kept with Flushtankiran. Flushtankiran is obliged to keep the information safe and use the best possible tools to ensure the security of users’ information.

3-5: Any sale and publication of products and visual content of the Flushtankiran site on other sites and social networks without mentioning the source of the site or the name of Flushtankiran is against the law. If the user account of the wrong person is found, it will be blocked and the matter will be followed up through legal authorities.

3-6: The user is not allowed to copy or share the products purchased from online and offline methods directly or through intermediaries. If found, the wrong user account will be blocked and the matter will be followed up by legal authorities.

3-7: The user is fully responsible for his/her user account information, such as his /her email, username and password, and if the information is provided to another person and unauthorized use of the user panel, Flushtankiran will not be responsible.

Article 4: Intellectual property and content

4-1: Any copying, use, or reproduction of the design, content, site content, images and logo of the Flushtankiran site is against intellectual property laws, and if found, the matter will be pursued through legal authorities.

4-2: Flushtankiran will do its best to improve and update the pages and content of the site and can freely change, offer discounts or remove the content, products and pages of the site. This gives the user legal action to protest.

Article 5: License to use products

5-1: Each product and its special warranty code can be used by one person.

5-2:  The website product warranty code has an activation system for each product. If you activate the license or product code for your product, you will no longer be able to change its code with another product.

Article 6: Products Support

6-1: All products will be supported through the support system on the site.

6-2: The Flushtankiran support team answers your questions and problems about the purchased products.

6-3: One product will be supported for each warranty code purchased.

6-4: In case of a problem with the product purchased (or installed) from people other than the authorized representatives of Flushtankiran or the sales team engaged in the collection, Flushtankiran will not be responsible for the problems created in the future for the product and does not include warranty services.

6-5:   All Flushtankiran products have a set warranty. Flushtankiran is obliged to follow up and resolve issues in the event of a problem during the warranty period.

Article 7:   Issuance of an invoice

7-1: All items purchased by the buyer will be listed in the final invoice.

Article 8: Agreement changes

8-1: Flushtankiran reserves the right to edit and change this agreement. The buyer should always follow this page and the items contained in it to learn about the new rules.

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