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Spare Parts Archive

Purchase FTI Spare Parts

Usually after years of work, sanitary ware spare parts would require replacing. We provided all those parts individually to make it easier to buy and replace. If you are looking for new replacements, you can buy FTI Spare Parts from here.

Toilet and Cistern Spare Parts

  • All pump models
  • All Floaters
  • Spare Tanks, for both cisterns and concealed cisterns.
  • Cistern parts
  • And more

Spare parts and products pricing

If you don’t pay enough attention to product material and choose a low-quality product to pay less, you’ll most likely end up paying much more for repairs and replacements. That’s why Flushtankiran productions are made with high-quality materials.

Flushtankiran has been provided with the lowest possible price and an ever-growing effort to improve quality. No doubt, Our customers comments had a part in all that

FTI Installation Request

After you purchase any product from us and decide where to install it, It’s time to learn how. Don’t know how to install? No worries. That’s why Flushtankiran Installation Experts are here for. Just fill out the Installation Request form.

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